Current News Story: Parents in Virginia May not have a Voice Anymore


The school board found in Fairfax County, Virginia is trying to take away the free speech right of parents and it’s stepping all over the rights of Christians attending the school. According to an article released by The Christian Post, the school board may change it’s policy to bar parents from being able to speak up about issues related to sex education and gender identity.

REALLY? You are the parent and you’re not allowed to choose what your children are taught about sex or gender? Why would anybody send their children to these schools if this policy goes through?

The school board is trying to further censor parents TRUSTING the school with their children. Not only is this incredibly wrong and a form of persecution against those of us believing there are only TWO GENDERS (there are only two, btw), but it’s also unconstitutional on so many levels.

The new policy would only allow public commenters to speak on school board agenda items at board meeting. This means, if the school board doesn’t want a parent talking about how they teach sex education or how they treat gender, they just won’t put it on the agenda. Heck, this could include anything else they want to do without parents getting a say, vote or voice.

One parent said it right when they told The Christian Post it’s a con game!

It’s more than just a con game, however. It’s Satan working through humans that are so worried about making the delusional people that think there’s more than just male and female happy. Why we ever put up with this type of garbage is beyond me?

It is absolutely absurd to allow a grade school, middle school or high school boy to decide he, HE self-identifies as a female to use the female shower facility, bathrooms and locker rooms. It’s just as absurd to allow a girl that self-identifies as male to use the male facilities.


I know this is going to offend those that believe there are more than two genders or even those that believe boys could be girls on the inside and vice versa. I DON’T CARE! I didn’t start this blog to cater to every single person that thinks, says or does something. I started it to voice my opinion from a Christian standpoint.

While I believe those struggling with their gender identity should be loved and cared for, I don’t believe it’s okay for the rest of us to bow down to their delusion and bend over backward to cater to their every whim. If you were born with a penis, you use the little boys or the men’s room. If you were born with a vagina, you use the little girls or the women’s room.

I seriously get so irritated with this ridiculous modern society that bends to every whim of the smallest groups that decide they want to get loud. It gets even worse when the group getting special treatment goes against something so natural and so black and white. Gender isn’t a grey area, IT’S PENIS OR VAGINA. Very simple!

Now, due to some completely brainwashed idiots, those sending their children to these schools have to allow the schools to teach whatever they want in sex education. This means, those children attending the classes will likely learn that pre-marital sex is fine (as long as you’re protected), homosexuality is normal and okay and that there are several genders or at least that someone born a boy could be a girl and vice versa.

The worst part, parents won’t even have a voice to tell the school board how wrong they are and how they disapprove.

This specific school district is often used as a model for other districts throughout the country, too. What a terrible example they are setting and as it spread, more parents will be faced with some very difficult choices.

While about 100 parents have complained and believe their trust has been betrayed, the school board doesn’t care. They simply want to shut them up and teach whatever they want as they continue to brainwash children into believing complete lies on issues the parents should have 100% control over.

According to the article, parents are smarter than the school board thought they were. They will start by speaking on an agenda item and finding a way to pivot to the gender policy or sex education. This has caused embarrassment of the school board so they want to shut them up.

I think the school board in Fairfax County should be embarrassed. They are doing something absolutely embarrassing and one day, they will pay. It will come out and they will pay. Sooner or later, immoral things catch up to those perpetrating them and the day will come.

What Should Christian Parents Do About This?

In my humble opinion, parents should pull their children from these schools immediately! Don’t wait until the end of the school year or until it’s easy. We are not called as Christians to do what’s easy or convenient. We are called to do what’s right.

By pulling children from the schools, the schools will have no choice but to take notice. It’s a bit like drawing the line in the sand. Will the school board given in? I doubt it. Will it impact change? ABSOLUTELY!

Alternatively, you can home school, send your children to a private school or move to a better school district (one without these ridiculous policies). Some home school parents even work together to school their children as a small group and it’s not as hard as some may make it out to be. In addition, you don’t have to allow your children to suffer socially just because you home school them.

Even if your children are not as social as they would be at a public school, is it better to have your children be social butterflies or teach them the truth about sex and gender?

Parents NEED to take control back from the schools in the United States. So many public schools are doing whatever they want without the parents really getting a true say in how their children are educated. This is one of the many forms of government with too much power.

WE are the PEOPLE and the Government, including the Schools, are supposed to SERVE us, not brainwash our children.

Stand up for what’s right Christians. Pull your children from school and figure out the details once you know they are protected from this horrible brainwashing.

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