“I Can’t Explain Witchcraft” Satan at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Did you think he wasn’t going to make an appearance? Are you blind, deaf, dumb and living under a rock?

If the event is heavily televised, includes athletes or celebrities and will be watched by millions looking for an idol to worship, Satan will be there. He’s probably at the Olympics with a whole host of demons making sure the world gets the message he wants them to receive.

It’s very clear he’s there for at least one figure skater, which happens to be the first openly gay one to win the gold for the USA….shocker there.

Adam Rippon came out and directly said, “I can’t explain witchcraft” in an interview after winning his medal. He obviously sold his soul for fame and fortune. Here’s the video:


If this doesn’t wake you up and you can find a way to rationalize it, you’re already too far gone. We need to step up our Christian game and STOP worshiping people just because Satan has enhanced their talent in exchange for their soul.

After the Philadelphia Eagles stole what was supposed to be Tom Brady’s 6th Super Bowl win, the devil had to strike back and become more brazen. He has done that at the Olympics by using a puppet he has been working on forming for the last decade or so.

He’s gay, he openly admits to using witchcraft and he’s in the spotlight. Thinking this person is being used by anybody other than Satan would be wrong! He’s here to make children adore him and want to be like him.

Christians need to be aware and need to avoid participating in this ridiculous idolatry. It’s no better than the Golden Calf created by the people with Moses in the bible.

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