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Pope Francis


Okay. I have become rather sick of people taking shots at Pope Francis without anything close to an understanding of Catholicism or who the Pope is to the church. In this post, I am going to go through some of the videos floating around YouTube about the Pope and I am going to break down why they are so DEAD WRONG!

Honestly, I think most of the authors of these videos are scared, false Christians or simply ignorant when it comes to the Catholic Church. In addition, many probably hold an anger towards someone from the church or something that happened, as anger is the number one reason anybody ever leaves a Catholic or Christian church.

Video #1 – Is the Pope The False Prophet of the Apocalypse? Alltime Conspiracies

This video starts out innocently enough, but takes a pretty big turn. At 1:04 in, the question is posed, “Is Pope Francis The False Prophet of the Apocalypse?” Of course, the apocalypse comes from the book of Revelations, which is the most widely misinterpreted book in the bible. Most cannot agree on what most of the passages in revelations mean and if you take it literally, word for word, you’ll think the author was on drugs.

This video goes into talking about the recognition of Palestine meaning the Pope is rejecting the Israeli State. However, in the bible, Israel often meant God’s People, not some specific place. It was even used as a name of a person in the Old Testament.

The video tries to use parallel that have been used for centuries to attach the Catholic Church. It’s nothing new and it’s completely false.

We are told that Satan is the GREAT DECEIVER, so why would it be so incredibly obvious? Are people like the author of this video just special? I think not!

Next, the video wants to point out that Pope Francis said, “If someone is Gay and searches for the Lord, who am I to judge?” This isn’t wrong and in fact, it’s EXACTLY what Christians should be after. I don’t have the context to go along with this statement and I cannot stand it when people pull one sentence quotes instead of reading what was said before and after.

However, if this is the quote you want to use, there’s nothing wrong with it. If someone is attracted to the same sex and is causing sin in their life by acting upon that attraction, seeking the Lord Jesus Christ will likely challenge them to not act upon their attraction anymore. We all have crosses to bear and that is one many have to bear today.

The attraction to the same sex isn’t the sin. The sin is acting upon that attraction. You can be gay and NOT marry the same sex or have a relationship with the same sex.

Again, this video author misquoted the Pope by stating he said, “You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven”. Without the context, I cannot explain this one, but I know better and this is a ridiculous thing to quote. It’s no better than an attacking sound bite in a smear campaign from a dirty politician.

He then uses Revelations, again to say the Pope is the false prophet because he’s humble and a religious leader.

Overall, this video is just good enough to confuse someone and make them think negatively about the Pope. It’s not a good representation of truth at all.

Video #2 – Vatican Boldly Declaring That Pope Francis Is The False Prophet of Revelations 666 from End Times News Ministry: Nadezhda

The author of this video started out by putting down Catholics (his Christian brothers and sisters) by saying, “I am not Catholic, God Forbid.” BTW, that’s rather close to a swear or using the Lord’s name in vein.

He also mocks Pope Francis by calling him Pope Frankenstein, which is simply rude.

This guy is simply a nut. Really, you’re going to find a 666 in three sashes and if you want to call him the false prophet, why isn’t HE dressed in the color you state? I can put three people in sashes of any type and you’ll get your Vay Vay Vay or whatever you said.

This may be one of the most ridiculous claims I have ever seen. This guy is rude and absolutely looking for attention from ridiculous claim. Right after he shows this image, he goes into showing the Pope saying mass. Really? Simply ignorant and ridiculous!

Video #3 – Pope Francis Just Called Jesus a Sinner #FalseProphet from End Times News Ministry: Nadezhda

This one is short and from the same guy from video #2. The Pope is reading from the bible and is reading the passage where Jesus became lost from Mary and Joseph.

He didn’t say Jesus has to “beg forgiveness” from God or that Jesus had sinned. He said, “He probably had to beg forgiveness of his parents.” There is a BIG difference between needing to be forgiven by a human and by needing forgiven by God. In addition, the Pope was likely making a completely different point, but this video author wants you to see no context. Just this one quote so that he can try to destroy the Pope.

This is what many Christians do with the bible, as well. They quote one line and ignore the paragraph before and the paragraph after. It happens with the letters Saint Paul wrote all the time and those are LETTERS. READ the entire thing. Get some context and STOP misquoting the bible and the Pope!

The final text in the video is so leading and false it’s not even funny. The author is trying to make it sound like the Pope is saying Mary has the power to forgive everybody, not God. Saying someone had to beg forgiveness isn’t claiming they sinned. It’s claiming then did something another person didn’t like. Now, if they had to beg forgiveness from God, that’s claiming they sinned.

Once again, the video author loves to give you nothing but what works for himself. He ends the video with Revelations 18:4…one line from a big, confusing book most people cannot agree on the interpretation of. He is saying the Roman Catholic Church is Babylon, which it is not. In fact, he doesn’t even finish the verse, just uses a few words for more fear mongering.


The first actual fact is a fact, but it’s rather stretched after the author of this video spits it out. He is basically doing what racists Americans have done to Muslims after 911. He is claiming Jesuits are responsible for assassinations and blaming and entire religious order for the actions of a few.

That’s much like how many decided all priests must be child molesters because a few were caught doing so. However, we love to forget the fact that so many other pastors and others in authority positions are arrested as child molesters. Are all teachers rapists because a few raped students?

The reason people were alarmed because Pope Francis is a Jesuit is due to the strictness of the order, not the so-called murders and racism that isn’t proven and is no better than a conspiracy theory. He also acts as if the people in the video are bowing down to the Pope as if he’s a god. I have seen bigger bows for kings and queens than what’s shown in this video.

I get so irritated when people misquote other people. This author blows is on “fact #2” because it’s not fact. It’s like the word evolution comes out of the Pope’s mouth and the headlines go haywire. Then, this guy reads nothing but the headlines. This is what was actually said:

“When we read about creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so,” Francis said. “He created human beings and let them develop according to the internal laws that he gave to each one so they would reach their fulfillment.”

“God is not… a magician, but the Creator who brought everything to life,” Francis said. “Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve.” – Washington Post

Pope Francis still claims God created humans and everything else. He isn’t saying there was a big bang and all of the sudden everything existed. The evolution he is referring to isn’t the one from Charles Darwin, but the one we all go through. A baby evolves into a toddler, then a teenager, then an adult, and then it dies. That’s evolution!

Of course, the author of the video picked only the two quotes he could MISQUOTE to make his false point. Yes, any man spewing heresy, as you are, will be accountable for every word (video) spread.

The third fact may be the one that is the most false. Once again, as I stated with the letters written by Saint Paul, this video author is pulling one sentence from a letter and giving no context.

Just looking at that one sentence doesn’t mean Pope Francis said atheist can go to heaven. You have to look at the rest of the context. Anybody has the ability to go to heaven, even a Satanist, but they may not go in their current state. Pope Francis was actually making it clear that God’s mercy expands to EVERYONE, regardless of your beliefs. Jesus died on the cross for those needing SAVED and those were HIS Words. Read the gospels and you’ll find those words more than once.

The letter never claimed it’s not necessary to believe anything to go to heaven. That is simply a false statement from this video author.

Why would it be more popular to hear you have to do good works to go to heaven? Isn’t easier to just say you believe than to actually show it and prove it over and over every day? I think this author needs to stop putting words in the mouth of the Pope and misleading people.

Actually, Matthew 7:21-23, which the author of this video quotes, says you must do the will of my father who is in heaven. He completely misquotes the bible here and it’s important to read the rest of Chapter 7, too, in order to gain context. I don’t know which version he is quoting, but mine says evildoer, not worker of lawlessness, but now we are just splitting hairs.

Fact #4 is another false fact. The video author is claiming the Pope sees nothing wrong with homosexuality, yet the Pope has taken a very strong stance on gay marriage and the sin of homosexuality.

There’s a big difference between saying homosexuality is okay and not a sin compared to what the Pope actually said. Here’s the quote and my source:

“I repeat what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says: that they must not be discriminated against, that they must be respected and accompanied pastorally,” Francis said at a press conference aboard the papal plane returning from Armenia.
“The Church must ask forgiveness for not behaving many times — when I say the Church, I mean Christians! The Church is holy, we are sinners!” – CNN

The comments were to address a German Cardinal that stated the Catholic Church (the people) have been “very negative about gays.

Here’s a bit more of what the Pope has said on the topic:

“Life is life, and things should be taken as they come,” the Pope said. “Sin is sin, but tendencies or hormonal imbalances … can cause many problems and we have to be careful.

“But each case must be welcomed, accompanied, studied, discerned and integrated. When a person (who is gay) arrives before Jesus, Jesus certainly will not say, ‘Go away because you are homosexual,'” Francis said.

He then joked: “Please don’t write that the Pope will bless transsexuals. I can see the front pages of newspapers now.” –

Remember, Jesus dined with Tax Collectors, which were much like homosexuals today. They were outcasts and hated for their actions. While the act of homosexuality is a sin, it’s not our job as Christians to judge. We are to leave that to God and embrace everybody that is alive and love them.

The quote used in the video is pretty simple, “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

This isn’t a comment supporting homosexuality or saying it’s not sin. I can take out gay and put in murderer or one of the many other sins Saint Paul talked about in Romans. Just add in sinner instead of gay, and it works for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!

NO, NO, NO, NO, your job as a Christian isn’t to judge others and correct the error of their way. This is FALSE, FALSE FALSE. Jesus gave two GREAT commandments and neither had anything to do with judging.

John 7:24 is his rationalization next, but he must have missed the rest of John 7 and also the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew chapter 7. WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO JUDGE AND JUDGEMENT BY HUMAN IS SIN!

The author of this video is saying the Pope is diluting the Gospel, but all he has done is quote a verse here and there. What’s more diluted than picking and choosing the few sentences that work for you?

This guy is basically telling you that to be Christian is to be a Pharisee. He wants us to all be judging each other and that’s how we will get to repentance, but that is not true repentance. Should we help each other along the Christian journey? Yes. However, we are not meant to judge AT ALL!

Of course, he finishes with his false fact number 5 saying the Pope is the Anti-Christ. This video author needs to reach the ENTIRE second chapter of Mark. Remember, Jesus also tells us more than once to forgive each other. It’s important to have context before just spitting out a verse because it’s convenient to the fear mongering message you want to create.

Yes, we are told not to let any man deceive us in the bible. You’re a man and I won’t let you deceive me. He ends by saying he is sharing the everlasting gospel, but it seems to me it’s more of a gospel of convenience.

Video #5 – WARNING !!! Pope Calls Jesus and the Bible a LIE !!! False Prophet EXPOSED !!! from The Vigilant Christian

Can I just start by pointing out every title created by The Vigilant Christian is simply click bait? It’s always promotion something crazy to get a reaction. Good marketing, but very misleading.

I have had my bouts with The Vigilant Christian before over this issue back when I ran a different blog. However, he never responded to my comments about the Pope after he used some ridiculous clips to show he was a part of the Illuminati. Let’s see what he has in store here.

BTW, this guy gets a ton of views and it’s crazy to me that he gets so many views. It’s all through creating fear and conspiracy. He is preying on people to make money on YouTube and while he will have some truth in some videos, it’s all about creating fear.

He calls the ENTIRE Catholic Church an “Obvious, obvious wolves in sheep’s clothing”. That means if you’re Catholic, he just claimed you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing since the Catholic Church is made up of PEOPLE, not buildings.

The video he is quoting is misquoting the Pope, so we can already see where this is going. I HATE when so-called YouTubers and journalist don’t check their sources!

READ what the Pope ACTUALLY said, then use that in your video, not the video from the Inquisitr, which is known best for gossip and not spreading anything close to truth. In fact, many have called it satire or fake news.

The facts of this video are simply not true, and the quote doesn’t say what they say the Pope said. Is it really that hard to believe that “God created human beings and let them develop according to the internal laws that HE gave each one so they would reach their fulfillment”?

If GOD created human beings, doesn’t that go against the first statement made by the video? Doesn’t that still make God the creator and even if God did it through a Big Bang (if you choose those words to describe it) that doesn’t make the theory of evolution from Charles Darwin correct or something the Pope is saying is correct.

This video is only 2:02 in and it’s already full of false information and this is a very misleading author preying on the fear of people to make money off his 1.7 million views on YouTube for this video.

When the guy goes into “in other words” he completely puts words in the mouth of the Pope and even says the Pope doesn’t known the word of God. So ridiculous. Of course, the video The Vigilant Christian is recycling is all about promoting books for the author.

Okay, so Mario, The Vigilant Christian states at 7:49 that the Catholic Church has never been a part of the body of Christ. Yet, it is the ONLY Christian church dating back to Christ and whatever religion he subscribes to wasn’t even thought of or even considered until Martin Luther challenges the Catholic Church. In addition, I don’t like the disrespect he shows those from the Catholic Church so much.

If us Catholics are not Christian, they Mario, you are sorely ignorant about what Catholicism is. You have obviously NOT done your homework and are just preying on innocent people buying into your fear mongering as a so-called ministry.

The Catholic Church has never been a part of the body of Christ, yet he believe there are spirit filled individuals in the Catholic Church….can we say contradiction???

No, the Protestant Reformation was a Protest against what ONE MAN disagreed with about the Catholic Church. Nothing about a video from the Inquisitr is mind-blowing as it’s one of the worst sources you could have chosen. Maybe be a bit more vigilant in choosing your sources.

Nothing in the bible says evolution has to be believed for the false prophet to come. There’s also a HUGE difference between the theory of evolution and evolving into a god. That is a big, big stretch.

I was going to continue going on and on, but that’s enough. It’s ridiculous that so many people have decided to hate the Pope and call him the anti-Christ, but not surprising. I have already discovered that other Popes have also been called the anti-Christ and I already know many have attached the Catholic Church for centuries.

Most of this comes from YouTubers that love to prey on the fear of the ignorant. If we, as Catholics and Christians open our bibles, we will know the truth and we won’t have so much trouble discerning the true wolves in sheep’s clothing, like these fear mongers.

I don’t like to attack people, but when they spread false gospel and false messages from the Pope, I have no choice but to spread the truth. Make sure you READ the context and read the paragraphs, chapters and words around the actual quotes. Don’t accept just one little quote as the truth. Would you read one sentence of a letter and decide the entire meaning of that letter?

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